What Are The Most Common Cell Phone Problems

There are some unfortunate things that phone owners will have to go through when their phones are not running as the should. Mobile device issues come in many forms, and some of them are far worse than others. The point is to avoid any inconvenient at all costs, even if your cell phone is protected under a warranty program. If you are looking to repair your phone, don’t do it by yourself. It is better to contact a professional to take care of your particular situation, and this website can help you to find a qualified expert to assess your problem.

Here are some of the most common cell phone problems you might experience

Battery faults

Phone battery or charging faults usually occur with the following symptoms:

  • The battery won’t charge
  • The back plate won’t go back on because the battery is swollen
  • The battery will only stay charged for a short while

Microphone issues

Microphone faults will usually occur with the following symptoms:

  • The caller won’t hear you
  • Voice sounds distorted to the caller
  • The person calling can hear you on some occasions but not all the time

Speaker or sound faults

Speaker faults will occur with the following symptoms:

  • You are not able to hear music or any sound coming out of the phone
  • Ringtones and music is difficult to understand, or it sounds distorted
  • Music and ringtones are too quiet

Charging faults

charging faults usually come with the following symptoms:

  • You are unable to charge the cell phone
  • The charger won’t fit correctly into the charging block
  • The phone shows a full charge, but it only lasts a short period

Software faults

Software faults usually come with the following symptoms:

  • The cell phone will switch itself off intermittently
  • The phone freezes
  • The screen flickers on and off

Keypad faults

Here you have a few of the most common issues of keyboard failures:

  • You are not able to type letter or numbers
  • You can type numbers or letters but not all of them
  • Typing a number or letter and results in a different number or letter being displayed
  • Numbers and letters appear on the screen without using or pressing the keypad

Water damage

  • If your phone has been exposed to water, remove the battery immediately and do not turn it on, this can cause irreversible damage to your phone
  • Water damaged phones don’t have symptoms because it can cause any of the effects mentioned above

Slow processing

Less free space in an internal memory or excessive use of apps can lead to virus infection. It is recommended to use apps like clean master in Android handsets for optimal performance

Having a cell phone is not that easy as it seems. You have to take extreme care of it because new phones are not as resistant as the old ones. If you are looking to repair your cell phone, it is recommended to contact an expert to fix any problem you are dealing with at the moment. This video provides some tips for you in case your device won’t charge.

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