The Different Types Of Body Waxing You Should Know About

Since shaving is not practical for some areas on your body, waxing is considered as one of the best alternatives to remove the hair of several body parts. There are many types of waxing, and each one may have its benefits and disadvantages. If you are looking to get your legs, eyebrows, lip, armpits or stomach waxed, take a look at this website to know more about the process of waxing and the things you should consider when deciding to wax any part of your body.

As you already know hair grows in almost every part of our body and for that, there are several styles of waxing

Lip waxing

At first, can be painful. Is just a brief second uncomfortableness, but that might depend on your overall pain tolerance level. Some of the advantages are that every time you wax the hair roots grow back smaller, and the hair grows back thinner and lighter. You don´t need to worry about the hair growing back darker like it would if you shave it. For girls is an advantage waxing your upper lip because makes your makeup go on smoother and it´s helpful for your skin.

Leg waxing

This is one of the most common types of waxing. It is very simple; they add the wax with a stick at the beginning of your legs, then they put a strip of paper above it and remove it quickly. Once you do it more often, the skin is going to get used to it, and the hair will grow thinner, and your skin also will look smoother. Either is your first time or not, stay away from hot showers to avoid serious skin irritation.

Armpits waxing

Same as all types of waxing, hair regrowth can range from two to eight weeks, depending on your hair´s natural regrowth cycle. Unlike shaving, waxing doesn´t leave the typical gray, shadowy patch because the hair takes longer to grow back and you don´t need to be waxing every time it starts growing just like shaving.

Bikini waxing

There are many bikini waxing styles one can choose. Just keep in mind that every spa or salon has their names or versions of bikini waxing.

  • Regular bikini wax:  It removes the hair outside the panty line.
  • Full bikini wax: Takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax and it can also include waxing some hair on top to make a more defined triangle area.
  • French bikini wax: Takes all hair in the front except from one strip, and continues to the right before the back. It doesn´t take the hair off the back as in Brazilian waxing.
  • Brazilian bikini wax: This wax style takes all the hair off the bikini line, front all the way to the back.
  • Hollywood: This style of bikini waxing leaves you with no hair at all. It is not recommended for your first bikini wax. Also take into consideration that removing all the hair from down there can cause yeast infections, genital hair is right there for a reason, you can remove some of the hair, but all of it is not that good.

Don´t worry about feeling pain in the waxing process, or getting your skin irritated, every salon or spa has its types of wax, and they are mainly used for each part of the body. This video explains the differences between the most common two types of waxing and how it´s used.

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