Solar panels are a viable alternative now!

Solar panels are certainly underused considering the potential they represent to reduce our energy consumption from fossil fuels! What’s that you say? What do you mean the sun doesn’t shine all the time? We would be in BIG TROUBLE if the sun ever did quit shining!* Visit us at:

People who profess that the sun doesn’t shine all the time are missing the obvious. Just because it doesn’t shine directly on them 24/7 in no way are they looking at it in the right manner. Once again, the obvious doesn’t always appear without giving it some thought by looking outside of the box. We’re building a space center high above the Earth and using solar-panels up there! You ask why? Because, in fact, the sun does shine all the time! Why not build very large solar panels and send the energy from them back to Earth? Again, you may ask how? Hey, I’m not an engineer so I can only suggest possibilities and leave that up to the experts. I have heard, however, that there is a project under study to build an escalator or elevator from the surface of the Earth directly up to the space station high overhead. Since it is basically stationary overhead, that seems very plausible to me. If that can be accomplished, why not have some other “plumbing” and “wiring” included within that structure? Once that is done and working, what’s to keep us from duplicating it many times over? As a side note, I just heard on Paul Harvey News on the radio today (7-9-2002), that scientists in Europe have developed a “Liquid Light” that “works” but they don’t yet have a specific use for it! Why not use that medium to ship the solar energy down from the space center(s) for use here on Earth?

Ok, Ok, let’s get back to Earth and both feet on the ground! Until the above becomes a reality, we need to proceed to develop and use solar panels when here on Earth when the sun does shine on us. We can’t go on forever ignoring the fact that fossil fuels have a finite supply and won’t last forever.

There are some very amazing developements taking place all around the world. For instance, have you heard of nanotechnology and the developement of systems for “painting” solar cells on any surface? Think of the possibilities! Solar energy from everywhere. Just imagine your cars paint collecting solar power for use to drive to any destination or to store for later use! Or, you could paint the roof and walls of your house with it. You could even paint your driveway and patio and pool area. The limits are totally up to your imagination. For more info on this latest developement, see the link below to get the book “Our Molecular Future…” by Douglas Mulhall.

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