Health and Nutrition in Teenagers

Today, the health of most teenagers is not in a good status. Click here for more information The attraction of fast foods, diet high in fat, cholesterol and sugar is very common among them. Giving the young people in right proportion of vitamins is turning to be a big challenge for parents as poor Nutrition in Teenagers is affecting their overall performance in studies and other extracurricular activities badly.
The increased independence of teenagers to do things on a par with their peers like taking fast foods, eating in food joints and skipping meals cause lot of health problems like stroke, heart diseases, diabetes and like. It is also observed that liking to carbonated drinks is causing obesity and overweight among the teenagers. Obviously, it can encourage many diseases. Again, some others succumb to the peer pressure and take up exercises to slim their waist lines ignoring the nutritional values of other food items. Some individuals skip the food to slim down but used to stick with some diseases. Proper nutrition and better treatment may help the alcohol consumers to save their life.In fact, unsafe dieting practices not only cause nutritional deficiencies, but also physical and psychological problems among the teenagers.
To counter Poor Nutrition in Teenagers, parents should guide youngsters to eat organic food items for improving their overall health condition. It is reliable to avoid junk food, fried food, and so on. Fruits and vegetables grown organically are good for health of teenagers as they contain cancer-fighting nutrients in plenty. Food additives and artificial coloring used extensively in fast foods cause lot of health problems and behavioral problem is one such. The best way to counter Poor Nutrition in Teenagers is to take fresh fruits and food rich in nutrients regularly in the diet.

Parent should encourage their adults to drink more water in a day. It helps to avoid some diseases. The water can also tone the whole body like anything. The main role of water is to remove the wastage from the body and thus reduce toxins. It is bad habit to keep touch with caffeine, sodas and alcohols. They are serves only bad effects on the body. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices aid to nourish the body. Ads for junk food and images of impossibly thin adolescents give kids conflicting and unhealthy ideas about what they should eat. Their parents should help them make healthy choices.

Keep nutritious and filling foods with lots of teen appeal within snacking distance, such as:

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