Exercise to a Healthy Lifestyle

When you add exercise to a healthy lifestyle, you can build a stronger body that fights disease. But that is just one of the benefits you will experience by incorporating exercise into your routine. Exercise builds strong muscles, healthy hearts, increases energy levels and gives a sense of well being. Learn more from NHS Heroes.

The Real Scoop on Exercise

Just about every magazine you pick up today has an article about fitness. The word fitness is a comprehensive word that includes nutrition and exercise. Some people think they can lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle just by dieting, but the real scoop is that exercise has to be included in order to get the full benefits of a fitness plan.

Adding exercise to a healthy lifestyle can produce amazing results. You not only can lose weight which is often what prompts women to begin an exercise program. You can build strong muscles, improve the functioning of your cardiovascular system and increase energy levels by increasing the supply of oxygen to your body.

Exercise Can Keep You Disease Free

With exercise there are a host of diseases that can be prevented. The key is to include both aerobic and strength training exercises in the fitness program. Aerobic training strengthens the heart and the vascular system. A healthy heart and strong circulatory systems delivers the oxygen to your organs and the rest of your body which means your entire system benefits.

Strength training exercises build muscle strength. Some women fear strength training will result in bulky and unattractive muscles. That is simply not true, because women’s bodies are not designed the same way as men’s bodies. For example, a woman does not have enough of the testosterone hormone in her body to develop bulging muscles.

Reading the Fine Print

When you add exercise to a healthy lifestyle, you are rounding out your fitness program. Nutrition and exercise work together, not alone, to create a healthy body. Trying to be healthy by using one without the other leaves an enormous gap in your fitness plan.

The benefits of exercise to women are unlimited. Besides improving muscle strength and strengthening the cardiovascular system, the following benefits will be realized. The fine print of any regular exercise program will let you know that you can accomplish the following.

Lose weight
Improve flexibility
Increase endurance
Sleep better at night
Reduce chances of injury
Reduce odds of developing common women’s diseases
Increase efficient use of nutrients obtained through diet
Slow the aging process
Exercise is Found in The Fountain of Youth

Many women face serious diseases as they age including osteoporosis and diabetes. Obesity is an issue that is making headlines, because more and more women are overweight. By adding exercise to a healthy lifestyle you can lose weight, build strong bones and improve organ functioning.

Anyone can include exercise in a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to join an expensive gym or spend hours at a time pumping iron. Just 30 minutes a day of alternating strength training and aerobic exercises can produce amazing results. You can also incorporate fun activities like walking outdoors, yoga or pilates.

Adding exercise to a healthy lifestyle is not just recommended…..it is required!

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